'Madame La Guillotine from the 'Anonymous Days' album as performed at the 1997 Northampton Beer Festival in Beckets Park - 30th May.


Again, apologies for the poor video quality.

3rd generation analogue video!

Northampton Beer Festival

Having recorded 'Anonymous Days' during 1995 & into '96, DARK were preparing to go their separate ways once more when they were approached by Frog Island Breweries to perform at the 1997 Northampton Beer Festival on Nunn Mills Island in Becket's Park.

They hadn't planned on doing anymore gigs, but having done a couple of local radio shows, a slot on Anglia TV Local News and been featured in a few national newspapers, this proved to be too good to turn down and provided the ideal opportunity to promote the new album.

They roped in Ron's brother Andy on rhythm guitar and ventured back to Steve's photographic shop once more.

Only this time the cellar was not available for rehearsing, having been converted - now that the damp had been cured - into a store room.
So they went up in the world - to the first floor, commandeering the photographic studio.

They put a good set together, using material from both their albums and performed to a large and very appreciative audience on May 30th, Clive's birthday.
They even sang him 'Happy Birthday'!

It turned out to be one of the most successful Beer Festival nights - ever!


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