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The Memories In Pink Gig

Following The Beer Festival, DARK did split for what they expected would be the last time.

For the next 13 years they got together, maybe once or twice a year, to discuss the latest request to re-issue the album - and to decide whether anything could be done about the increasing number of unauthorised releases that seemed to be cropping up with annoying regularity.

And that's probably what they'd still be doing had it not been for the sudden and tragic death of Steve's youngest daughter, Carly, in February 2011.

After her funeral, Steve & Clive were discussing ways of raising funds for the local hospital, where Carly spent much of 2004.

Clive suggested a DARK reunion. Putting on a gig and playing the 'Dark Round The Edges' tracks.

Steve wasn't at all sure about this. The band hadn't played together for what would be 14 years, come the end of May, and Steve hadn't played at all during that time.

When the subject was broached to Ron, he was even less sure, not least because Martin was now living abroad, having emigrated to Bulgaria. 

But - all the families, including Carly's sisters, Sara & Kim, thought it was a brilliant idea. Steve & Ron were backed into a corner they couldn't escape from, and were eventually convinced.

Steve's daughters and Clive's family set about organising the event which was scheduled for 30th September.

Martin was contacted and agreed to come back, but he wouldn't be available till mid August.

Rehearsal time was further restricted as Steve now worked nights, having packed up his photographic business, but they could manage one night a week for six weeks, with an extra rehearsal the night before the gig.

It was extremely hard work - but the evening was a fantastic success with the venue being filled to capacity. In fact, it was over subscribed!

A total in excess of £3000 was raised, which eventually purchased 2 Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors for the Hospital.



If you'd like to purchase a DVD of this event, please check out the DARK DVDs page. Thanks!



Photos from the night

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Dark performing 'Maypole' from Dark Round The Edges at the 'Memories In Pink' event at The Picturedrome, Northampton on 30th September, 2011, in memory of Carly Giles

Memories Of Carly


For her 26th birthday, 31st July, 2013, I put together a small compilation of videos of my daughter, Carly, taken by her boyfriend Matt, on their holiday to Egypt in September, 2010.


Set to the track 'Love Remembered', penned by Jan Akkerman and performed by the Dutch band, Focus from their Focus 3 album. 


Beautiful music for a beautiful girl.


We lost Carly on February 26th, 2011, just 5 short months after these videos were taken and miss her more each day.


She was just 23 years old.


"Finally, God realised He'd made a terrible mistake and asked her to come home.Thank You for lending her to us"!


See my 'Van Halen' tribute to Carly here:

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