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To play the first 30 seconds of each track, click the play button and each track will play in turn.

Alternatively, click on a track name and they will play from that track till the last one.

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Link to Download a Full Quality WAV file of
"A Hope Full Of Holes"
from the Anonymous Days 2016 Remix Album!5lUm3CqR!stJMkEWV-rXPMc85PF0du37UQ2-9fntJbWePSocmSmg


Real LIVE Angst here! 
From a 50 year old tape - so please - EXCUSE THE QUALITY!

Revisiting the original Kissing Spell release but leaving off the Studio tracks - which can all be found on the 'Artefacts From The Black Museum' CD.
All these were recorded in late 1970 and all ‘Live’ apart from ‘Cloud Of Unknowing’ which I now believe to have been recorded at a rehearsal.
It was given that name by Kissing Spell as, basically it was a jam    session and I had no idea what we had called it - if anything!
I have now remembered the name:
'No Need To Shout'!
But, I quite like the title Kissing Spell gave it - so I reckon that will stay.
The rest of the tracks were all from a gig on 17th November, 1970 and would have been the last gig before Bruce and Charlie left.
All the tracks were recorded on a very basic tape deck which could only accommodate 5” spools so, quite  often, the tape ran out before a track we were playing was finished.
‘Descent Onto Tranquility’ is a fine example of that - and another that’s been renamed as I’ve no recollection of what we called it back then - it may have even been part of 'No Need To Shout' live!.
I’ve done what I can with the quality and hopefully improved it enough to be more listenable.
Immature, self indulgent - but we had fun!

Artefacts From The Black Museum

Now with added 'bonus track'

'Bad Taste'

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