What Next For DARK?

Steve, Ron and Clive still meet up occasionally to discuss the future of the two albums and also the possibility of a DVD release, as there is film available from each of the last three gigs.

There has also been some interest shown in using some never before released material, so Steve will have to find time to sift through any old tapes he can find, many of which would be rehearsal recordings.

Unfortunately, the 'Dark Round The Edges' line up will probably not perform together again.

As mentioned before, Martin now lives abroad and, although he comes back occasionally, that obviously makes rehearsing rather difficult.

Ron now has other interests, as does his brother Andy, who played rhythm guitar on the last few gigs, and so they are no longer available.

Steve and Clive are still playing, with two new members. Phil Walding (Steve's best mate from their school days) on 2nd Guitar and Rob Chaundy on Bass.

The 'New DARK' is more of a laid back affair, just rehearsing on a fortnightly basis which is all Steve can manage now, working a full-time night shift. Consequently, regular gigs are not a possibility although not ruled out all together as their performance on 20th June 2015 at the Pucturedrome for the 'Have Guitars . . . Will Travel - LIVE!' gig testifies.

This was as part of the Northampton Music Festival weekend and they hope for a repeat performance in 2016.

News of any interest will probably find its way on to this website as well as the DARK facebook page.


Dark Cross The Ages

Double LP


LP1 - Dark Round The Edges. A Different Remastered version of that iconic 1972 LP


LP2 - Those tracks performed Live for the last time by the DRTE Line-Up:

Steve Giles - guitar, vocals

Clive Thorneycroft - drums

Ron Johnson - bass

Martin Weaver - 2nd guitar

plus Andy Johnson - rhythm guitar, harmony vocals.

Live tracks recorded on October 19th 2011 at The Racehorse Inn, Abington Square, Northampton.

DARK had got together for the first time since the 1997 Beer Festival gig to perform at the 'Memories In Pink' event to raise funds for the children's ward at Northampton General Hospital in memory of Steve's daughter Carly who passed away at the tragically young age of 23 in February 2011.

Having performed that concert, Steve decided to arrange one final 'Farewell Concert' in order to obtain good quality video & audio before the DARK guys went their own separate ways for the last time.

'Dark Cross The Ages'

Double LP

promotional video



The 'Dark Round The Edges' line-up were back in the studio one last time during the summer of 2014, recording 3 tracks from 1971:

In The Sky,

Could Have Sworn,

Wasting Your Time.

These tracks have featured as bonus tracks on some re-issues of the Dark Round The Edges album, but had never been played by that line up until the sessions.

Steve, Ron & Clive were in the studio, with Martin supplying his contributions from Bulgaria to be mixed in at later dates.

New Money Studios. A bit different to the Dark Round The Edges sessionn

A Special Remembrance Day Mix of one of the tracks from the recording session

In The Sky

Welcome To The Edge - CD & DVD

Final Studio recording since Dark Round The Edges

Welcome To The Edge CD




In The Sky                                                      (5:06)               Giles

Could Have Sworn                                       (4:53)               Giles

Wasting Your Time                                      (7:01)               Giles

In The Sky - Remembrance Mix               (5:44)               Giles - Inspiration from Thorneycroft

Wasting Your Time - Alternative Lyrics  (7:01)               Giles/Johnson


bonus track

from the forthcoming album 'Anonymous Days-The Remix'


Killin' My Friends                                            (6:11)               Weaver

Welcome To The Edge DVD

Welcome To The Edge DVD



The Story of The Recording of

Welcome To The Edge




29th July 2014

New Money

Take One

Could Have Sworn

In The Sky

Wasting Your Time

In The Sky - Remembrance Mix

The Making Of The Cover

In The Sky - 1971 Original


'Welcome To The Edge'

promotional video








'DARK Mark 10'



Rehearsing our cover of Eleanor Rigby

Steve Giles: Guitar Vocals

Clive Thorneycroft: Drums

Phil Walding: 2nd Guitar

Rob Chaundy: Bass


Big Noise Rehearsal Studios


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